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Our mission is simple-- create the best-tasting and most effectve food-based medicines for cannabis patients in California.


Tainted Edibles has a long and rich history of providing food-based medicines to patients in California. Compassion Edibles is the evolution of what began in the year 2000 as a group of friends that began developing delicious cannabis foods for newly emerging medical cannabis dispensaries in the San Francisco Bay Area. Tainted revolutionized the industry through providing innovative products that were created by professional chefs with medicine infused that was created by world class cultivators that produce amazing cannabis. In a time when the cannabis edible industry was mostly home packaged brownies and ganja goo-balls Tainted began to focus on packaging and labeling standards that are now common on all cannabis food products in the modern landscape.

In the early days, Tainted was known for our humorous parody labels that mimicked popular candy brands. Our Reefer’s Peanut Butter Cups were the first product to use popular product design of non-cannabis products to make a clear association for patients to choose products that were enjoyable to them. We created dozens of similar parody design products that directly related to mainstream products. The idea was that if a patient liked a product like a Snickers bar then they could easily know that our “Stoners” bar would be a satisfying choice for them. Our parody designs were incredibly popular and were featured many times in early issues of High Times and in news publications across the globe. At the time when we produced these products we were sure every day was to be our last, and that the industry would be shut down by Federal agents at any moment. It was a much different time for cannabis providers then.

Then around 2004 the industry began to evolve, and so did we. The Raich case created a window of legitimacy and for the first time it did not feel like everyone was going to be rounded up and put in prison. More and more dispensaries began to pop up across California and we decided it was time to do away with our popular parody style logos.

We redesigned our packaging to look like products dispensed at compounding pharmacies and named the products more generically to represent what they were. Our Reefer’s product just became “Peanut Butter Cup.” Our current labeling is reflective of this change still, carrying prominent warnings and informational drug facts panels to assure they are used responsibly and appropriately. The goal was to design the products to meet the standards of medicine in our society and to make them unattractive to children and non-patients. We decided that the industry was moving towards a more responsible and professional place and the company redesigned our products to meet the demands of the new marketplace.

Tainted Medicinal Edibles remained the market leader for many years and were available to patients at outlets all over the state. If you had a cannabis dispensary between 2001 and 2007, chances are you carried Tainted Medicinal Edibles. The company continued to innovate leading the industry’s move to more secure and non-descript packaging with informative informational labeling.

In 2007, we changed the name of the edible products from Tainted to Compassion and began to evolve our brand to be more compliant with the changing regulatory models that were developing across the state.

The term “Tainted” was a household name and Tainted Inc. branched out to create clothing and skateboard lines that became iconic in the cannabis culture. Parody candy design t-shirts and Tainted Skateworks gear and apparel can still be found among collectors and will be revived again one day soon.

The name “Compassion” for our medicinal products pays homage to the Compassionate Use Act that revolutionized the way we understood and talked about cannabis. It is the foundation of a movement that has come of age; and which continues to change the world.

Compassion Medicinal Edibles/Tainted Inc. offered 52 different products in several different sizes and strengths. The company was the largest producer of branded cannabis infused products on the planet for many years until September 26, 2007.

The company made global headlines when Federal Drug Enforcement Agents stormed their North Oakland facilities and homes that day. Just a month before Halloween the agency tried to exploit the press by warning of the dangers of our products being mistaken for real candy, but they were befuddled by our responsible packaging, and immaculate cultivation and production facilities.

Tainted Inc. Executive Director, Mickey Martin, surrendered to Federal agents a week after the raid following a well-publicized press conference at Oakland’s Federal building. He and three other staff members were charged with Federal crimes for their role in providing medical foods to qualified patients under California’s medical cannabis program. Two staff members were charged with misdemeanors and given probation. Martin and another staff member were charged with felonies.

After many protests and public actions on behalf of the company, the Tainted staff agreed to plea to charges that carried no mandatory minimum sentencing; the result was no jail time was given to anyone involved. Mickey Martin was forced to live in a halfway house and remain on house arrest. He was able to stay near his family and young children during his period of community confinement. His co-worker was given a short period on house arrest and probation. The very public case and fortunate resolution was a sigh of relief to the community at a time when things were very uncertain and people were being locked up for long periods for providing medical cannabis.

Through his public battle with Federal authorities and being a part of the system for over four years, Mickey continued to be a vocal activist for change and has helped develop regulatory and business models that continue to shape the medical cannabis landscape. His work consulting for well-known organizations and developing operational compliance guidelines has helped organizations grow and succeed in a rapidly evolving market. Mickey is currently developing core curriculum for the Institute of Cannabis and authored the book Medical Marijuana 101. He maintains a blog detailing important issues in the cannabis movement at

In 2013, Mickey Martin and the company’s core founders regrouped and redesigned its product lines and we went back to our roots of making high quality cannabis foods, including a signature line of Tainted Truffles based on our classic flavors. New products and lines were added to the menu to meet the needs of a growing market. The Tainted production facilities have been redeveloped from the ground up, including a state of the art commercial kitchen and advanced cultivation center. Compassion’s new packaging and labeling is based on our classic designs. Our formulations and processes for medicine are all done by trained and knowledgeable staff in clean and sterile environments.

As we have begun to provide our services to select retailers across California once again, we pride ourselves on our long and storied history in this movement and industry. We have worked hard to be leaders and were honored to pave the way for so many great companies that provide food-based medicines to patients. We enjoy what the industry has become and are glad to be back working hard to ensure that it continues to evolve in a positive and professional manner.

We are really excited about our new product offerings and will continue to present new and delicious ways to ingest cannabis medicines.

Compassion Edibles and the Tainted family work hard to meet and exceed all expectations and standards for production from plant to patient. Our ability to control and monitor our cannabis through the growth process and processing enables us to provide a consistent and dependable product.

Our products are delicious and effective and speak for themselves. They are the result of decades of experience and love for cannabis and food.

We will continue to be vocal advocates for cannabis policy reform and ending the drug war that has destroyed our communities. By supporting Compassion Edibles you can be sure that you are also helping to fund grassroots efforts for meaningful change. Cannabis prohibition is coming to an end. Tainted Inc. and Compassion Edibles look forward to a future where people are no longer imprisoned for their love of this plant.

Join us on our amazing adventures and thank you for always being there for us. It is an honor to serve you.

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Our mission at Compassion Medicinal Edibles is to provide the most delicious and effective food-based medicines to qualified patients in California.