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Compassion Edibles CEO Mickey Martin steps down to allow for new leadership. Board of Directors to name new CEO in coming weeks.


Oakland, CA – Compassion Edibles Chief Executive Mickey Martin resigned his position on Thursday in order to take on larger political projects on the cannabis industry horizon.

Why We Cook with Solventless


Compassion Edibles (and Tainted before it) has always cooked with a mixture of whole plant medicines and solventless extracts. I stole the term solventless from Selekta Nikka T with permission as a term of expressing the water extracted products we use in our cooking process. It seemed to be a fitting term for what is commonly referred to as bubble or water hash.

Testimonial from cannabis writer Jack Rikess


I’m lucky enough as a reviewer/writer for the opportunity to check out what’s happening in the cannabis community, product-wise. When it comes to edibles, Compassion Medicinal Edibles are my go-to-guys.

Pistachio Tainted Truffle


Creamy white chocolate pistachio gnosh surrounded by dark chocolate and topped with crumbled pistachios makes this truffle unbeatable for flavor. If you love pistachios and chocoloate this is a no brainer.

Raspberry Tainted Truffle


A delicious chocolate raspberry delight. A rich chocolate creamy raspberry center surrounded by delicious chocolate coating and a beautiful pink drizzle for style. An amazing treat for those who love chocolate and berry flavor adventures.