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What are Compassion Edibles?

Compassion Edibles™ is a line of safe and effective food-based cannabis medicines available to qualified patients at select medical cannabis dispensaries throughout the state for whom we provide services. Our lines of Tainted Truffles™ are fine chocolate American style truffles available in an array of delicious flavors. We also make several baked goods and specialty items. Check out our current products.

Where can I find them?

Compassion Edibles™ works with select dispensaries and delivery organizations in the State of California. Find our products by with our location tool. If you are interested in having our product in your local medical cannabis provider have them contact us.

How will Compassion Edibles make me feel?

Our edibles are created by professionals in a commercial kitchen with a lot of love and attention to food safety and cannabis quality. Cannabis edibles affect every person differently. It is import to effectively titrate ones dosage to ensure safe and responsible use. Cannabis edibles are said to have a more deep and lasting body effect on a patient. Because it is ingested the effects can take longer than other forms of consumption. Cannabis edibles are non-toxic, but can make a person feel quite overwhelmed and sedated if overdone.

Are edibles safe?

Yes. Cannabis edibles, when made in a sterile and clean environment by trained professionals, are some of the most effective and safest medicines on the planet. They provide a high level of medicinal effects with little dangers of toxic overdose or death. Food-based cannabis medicines are also powerful and must be used responsibly with caution. Too much ingestion of cannabinoids can result in extreme effects that can make a person very uncomfortable, so please use with caution in a safe and familiar environment until understanding intake and dosage.

How do I use them?

Directions For adult use by qualified patients: Begin by using a small portion, and wait 40 minutes. Increase dosage as needed to ease symptoms. Titrate dosage in small portions to avoid overdoing it. Stay hydrated and only use medicine safely in a controlled setting. Cannabis is non-toxic.

Dosage will vary based on patient’s weight, metabolism, and dietary habits. Edible strength and dosage will differ per package. Do not exceed 4 doses per 6 hour period for average weight patients.

What is a good dosage?

For an average person who uses cannabis sparingly, or those who may be using it for the first time, it is best to use a small portion to see how it affects you. The goal is to relieve your symptoms without experiencing unwanted side effect, so over time you can adjust your dosage as needed. A good starting dose is between 10-20mg of THC.

What is the shelf life of the products?

Shelf life varies depending on the product. On all packages there is a “Born On” and “Best By” date to inform the patient of the proper shelf life for the product they have purchased. All products can be frozen to maintain a longer shelf life, as well.

Where are Compassion Edibles made?

Compassion is based and founded in the Bay Area. Our deep roots of activism and community building have been an intricate part of the California landscape for many years. Our commercial facilities meet all requirements for commercial production and our staff is managed by ServeSafe Certified chefs in conjunction with all state and local laws.

How long has Compassion been around?

Compassion Edibles is the evolution of Tainted Edibles, and has been working on medical cannabis edibles since the year 2000 in California. We have proudly served many of the finest patients and providers in the industry for a long, long time and are one of the most trusted names in the industry.

Are you a non-profit?

Yes. We are a registered Mutual benefit corporation in the State of California. Our organizational objectives are to provide the best tasting and most effective food-based medicines to qualified patients in California. We employ a staff of friendly and awesome professionals and activists. We also use our resources to assist other non-profit organizations with similar goals and missions.     

Understanding Compassion Packaging and Labeling

The Compassion edibles look in packaging and labeling are representative of the compounding pharmacy labeling that one might find in traditional medical markets. The goal is to provide a clean and sterile look with robust information and clear warnings. Our packaging is not meant to look colorful and attractive to those who are not medical cannabis patients. It is meant to look like a medicine, and is packaged in opaque packaging to avoid possible confusion and misuse.

All products have a product label telling what the product is, the ingredients, net weight, dry cannabis weight, and clear prominent warnings that the product contains cannabis. They also have a medicinal facts panel that informs them of safe use principles and product dosage recommendations and directions. A third product information sticker will contain the information for dating and batch number for that specific product. This labeling system is helpful to inform patients, promote safe use, and track products.

Ethics in Operations

Compassion Edibles™ is committed to ethics and morality in everything we do. We maintain a level of respect and dignity that we expect from those in our community. We understand our role as medical cannabis providers, and are committed to never allowing our behavior to be one of low moral character. We have worked hard to be a productive part of the cannabis landscape, and work hard daily to improve the way the world understands cannabis by being upstanding and ethical members of the community at large.