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These rich and delicious American style truffles are where it all began. Our chefs use the finest chocolate and ingredients to create amazing flavor combinations for these medicated delights. Our truffles are hand-crafted in our loving kitchen with attention and care. They melt on the tongue and give an incredible effect that will satisfy your heart and soul. Tainted Truffles come in Regular Strength (100mg) and Super Strength (225mg) packages. Each package contains two delicious truffles to make dosage titration easy. While medical cannabis is not known to cause addiction, the incredible rich and creamy flavor goodness of a Tainted Truffle can be quite addicting. If it is not a Tainted Truffle it is likely just another piece of flavored chocolate.
Our classic cookies are big, chewy, and delicious just like Grandma used to make. It is like biting into a pillow of incredible flavor and moistness. Our recipes are based off of world famous formulas that give a touch of home to every cookie. Each one is baked with deliciousness and provides incredible medicinal effects for the end user. Our classic cookies are 100mg each and come in an array of great flavors. Our cookies are reasonably priced and a great value for any patient or dispensary promotion. Get your classic cookie today.
Need a delicious medicated snack to get you by? Tired of sweets? Try our savory chip line with bagels, pita, or tortilla options. Or maybe a bag of caramel corn will satisfy your needs. Our snacks are great options for patients who are looking for something different and delicious. Eat one chip or eat the whole bag. Our snack products allow for easy dosage titration, while providing a flavorful alternative to the same old same old. Snack bags are 150mg each of mouthwatering awesomeness. Get your snack on.
Our chefs have created some amazing specialty items that are each amazing and provide an incredible medicated effect in appetizing selections. Our sea salt caramel bar dipped in chocolate is a smooth and rich flavor sensation. Chocolate covered pretzels, baklava, butterscotch blondies and our granola are some of the specialty favorites that make our patients’ hearts melt; and don’t forget the rich and chewy brownies. Our specialties range in dosage and strength. Let our delicious specialty items take your day from ordinary to extraordinary. These are certainly fan favorites and each one is made with extreme love and attention.